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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:27 pm    Post subject: Appu \u0026 Gappu International Super Detectives Full Movie

Appu \u0026 Gappu International Super Detectives Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4

Appu & Gappu is a 3D animated film, for all age group. It's an action-packed fairy tale styled story, with a mad-touch of humor. Imagine a pair of twin brothers, crazy about solving puzzles & mysteries helping people from notorious criminals, goons and monsters. That's what we get with Appu & Gappu, wreaking havoc to the plans of criminals, all the while being just the usual young 10-year-old kids . Appu & Gappu are alien siblings, who found their way to earth after their planet was taken over by an evil alien king. The kids were found by Uncle Gomes, who raised them as his own. Now, at the age 10, they have become the most popular detective duo, the world has known. The film begins when Appu & Gappu are invited by the King to investigate a break-in at his Royal palace. When they arrive there, they find out there's more to the incident than was reported. The duo connect the dots between an archaeological discovery in the village and museum theft far away in the city. Their investigation leads to the discovery of two mystical demons clouding the entire village. These demons are trying to invoke their Evil Stone monster , Nashkeya. Appu and Gappu, with help of Uncle Gomes and Munna put up a fierce fight for survival, against the Evil Nashkeya and eventually manage to defeat him.
Adventures of Twin alien brothers who have made Earth their new home and fight to protect it against crimes and criminals, solving one mystery after another.


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